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About the PODCAST

I Think You're Gonna Like This Podcast was started in March 2020 by two friends sharing their interests and nostalgia with each other and all of you. Season One focused on the two hosts sharing interests with each other. The current season is focusing on things the hosts think the audience will like with input from them. The goal is that Season Three will allow for the audience to share things they think the hosts will like and the hosts will report back. We think you're gonna like this podcast!

Now a part of The Front Row Network and NPR Illinois!


About Jacqueline

When Jacqueline is not in Disney World she works many jobs, the most notable being a macaron baker at a french bakery. The audio engineer of this podcast, she is in charge of making sure the hosts sound much, much smarter than they actually are.


About Meghan

Meghan is a graphic designer by trade but wishes she was a freelance travel blogger. The creative director of the podcast, she is in charge of making sure the public realizes just how awesome this show is.

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